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What Is Frame Scaffolding?


Most construction sites in the world use frame scaffolding. The main reason why they are common is that they are very easy to use compared to other types of scaffolding. Typically scaffolding is made from round tubing. A standard set of scaffolding consists of prefabricated frames, braces, scaffold board, connecting rods, fixed base, and regulation base. Other components include arm lock, reinforcing bar, cross support, and racket. Frame scaffolding is mostly used for masonry and exterior works since it is very stable and it can support heavyweight. This type of scaffolding comes in different configurations depending on the project. For safety and stability purposes frame scaffolding should always be installed by a competent person and it should be erected on a suitable foundation.

Types Of Frame Scaffolding

Advantages Of Frame Scaffolding

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At scaffolding, San Diego customer satisfaction is our number one priority. To ensure this we offer several services related to scaffolding. They include:

Who Is Eligible To Use Frame Scaffolding

Modular scaffolding is not only economical but very easy to use. Some of the workers in the industry who use it include’

Why Our Frame Scaffolding

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Our frame scaffolding has a high bearing capacity since most of the scaffolds are made of steel and aluminum. This makes it possible for it to support heavy loads without malfunctioning thus protecting all those working on the site from any danger.

Convenient and Faster Installation

Due to its lightweight and simple design, scaffolding is easy to transport, assemble and dismantle. This helps in saving a lot of time on site. It can also be easily adjusted to fit the required height when using it.


Our Frame scaffolding comes in a variety of sizes and configurations hence it can be used in any project irrespective of the size or location.

Why Us

Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

Unlike most service providers who only focus on the profit side of the scaffolding services, at Scaffolding San Diego we walk with you throughout the whole journey. We always go the extra mile of providing at least one of our professionals at every site our scaffolds are being used. The role of that professional is to ensure that the scaffolds are properly assembled and dismantled as well as ensuring all safety precautions are followed when using the scaffolds.


At scaffolding San Diego we have a team of scaffolding specialists with many years of experience. The team is able to know which type of framework fits your project hence you do not need to worry when it comes to choosing the scaffolding to use. We also offer pieces of training to those using our scaffolding before any assembling commences, this helps in ensuring site safety. Whenever you need our services we are able to provide them within the set timeline to avoid any delays on site.


We take it as our responsibility to ensure that everybody who uses our scaffolding is safe. To ensure this before assembling any of our scaffolds we always ensure they are all in good condition and also to regular maintenance. Additionally, during the manufacture as well as installation we ensure that all the OSHA standards are followed.