Modular Scaffolding

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What Is Modular Scaffolding?


Just as the name suggests it is a prefabricated type of scaffolding. Also referred to as tube & coupler scaffolds, system, or prefabricated scaffolding. The scaffolds used in this type of scaffolding are built from tubing connected by coupling devices. Modular scaffolding consists of the following components; standards, ledgers, bracings, transoms, ledgers, scaffold boards, ties, and adjustable base plates. They all come in different lengths or sizes depending on the size of the project or where the scaffolding is to be erected. The components are all manufactured from the industry as per the intended purpose thus making it very easy to assemble. When using this type of scaffolding it is always advisable not to mix steel and aluminum tubes in one scaffold to enable better functioning of the scaffolding. Although for the other non-structural members such as the rails, and mid-rails the two can be mixed. Due to the strength of modular scaffolding, they are frequently used where heavy loads need to be carried. Also, used where the project has an unusual design, or shape since they can easily be assembled in multiple directions in a variety of settings. Our company provides different types of modular scaffolding, which include Cuplock, Kwikstage, and Ringlock types of modular scaffolding.

Kwikstage Scaffolding


It is made from galvanized steel. Also known as quick stage scaffolding since it is one of the easiest scaffolding to assemble. Kwikstage scaffolding mainly consists of four triangular irons/wedge fixing which is automatically welded to the steel pipes through a special fixture. Its advantages entail:

Cuplock Scaffolding

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Also known as Cuplok. It is a multifunctional modular steel pipe scaffolding system that is mostly used during the construction or repair of houses, bridges, tunnels, water towers, or chimneys. Some of the benefits of using this type of scaffolding include:

Ringlock Scaffolding

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Popularly known as Layher scaffolding, since it was invented by LAYHER Company from Germany. It is a direct plug-in pipes type of modular scaffolding. Its advantages take in:

Which Industries Use Modular Scaffolding?

Modular scaffolding is mostly used where heavy loads are involved. Some of the industries that use it include:

Apart from construction works it is also used as falsework.

Why Our Modular Scaffolding?

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At Scaffolding San Diego safety is always our priority. Our modular scaffolding comes with built-in safety features through its interlocking system. Additionally, it has handrails and braces which act as a fall protection platform. Also, during the assembly of the scaffolds, we always ensure that they are no loose fittings as a way of ensuring that those who use them are well protected.


Since our modular scaffolding is fabricated in the industry it becomes so easy to customize it according to your prerequisite. All you need is to give us the details of what you require or the type of project you are undertaking and we will deliver scaffolds that fit your specifications.

Maximum Convenience

Assembling this type of scaffold does not require any skilled laborer hence it is very ideal for DIY projects. It is also very easy to assemble and dismantle. No matter space modular scaffolding gives workers much-needed space and height to work on.

Advantages of Working With Our Team


Our team consists of well-skilled members who are well versed with insightful information when it comes to modular scaffolding. Over the years since scaffolding San Diego started, we have worked on different projects. This has equipped our team with the knowledge of knowing what type of modular scaffolding fits your project.


In any site we set our feet at Scaffolding San Diego we always assume that is our responsibility to ensure that any worker using our scaffolds goes home safe as they came. To ensure this we always hold meetings to teach the site workers on scaffolding safety as well as have one of our team members report to the site daily to ensure all the safety precautions are followed. During fixing, we also ensure that the connection of the different members is well done and no loose fittings are left before work commences.


At San Diego scaffolding we are always a call away. Whatever type of project irrespective of the site our team will design exactly the type of scaffolding that will suit your project. When it comes to time, we always ensure our scaffolds reach your site at the specified date thus ensuring that at no point will your project delay because the modular scaffolding was delivered late. Working within your budget is always our pleasure.